Internal: Free books to a good home :-)

Again, I need to make some space on a shelf and I simply cannot throw away a book … This time I have decided to reduce my Java bookshelf to allow new (mostly .NET books) come in. No, I am not abandoning Java – but for next 8-12 months I am very likely fully booked in .NET projects, and after that, it will be time to upgrage to new sets of books for Java 1.6 anyway …

If you are interested, send me an email. You can pick the books in one of our offices – either downtown or new one @ Terry Fox. Thinknostic  people have first chance to select, but this offer is not limited to Thinknosticker’s – so if you know me and have a friend who may be interested, feel free to fwd this email.

Same as last time, I will donate unclaimed books to Ottawa public library. I plan to get rid of it before September 18th, so we have about two weeks.

The list of the books is here.


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