How to access GMail with multiple POP clients

Man lernt nie aus – as the German say – one never stops learning. Thanks to comment found on my blog I found out that there is very nice solution problem of disappearing emails (after you download it with one POP client, other POP client would not get it). It is even documented in GMail help: you’re accessing your Gmail using POP from multiple clients, Gmail’s recent mode makes sure that all messages are made available to each client, rather than only to the first client to access new mail.

Recent mode fetches the last 30 days of mail, regardless of whether it’s been sent to another POP client already.

If you sign in to Gmail using your Blackberry, you’re signed in to recent mode automatically. For all other POP clients, replace ‘‘ in your POP client settings with ‘‘.

Thanks to unknown reader who made me aware of it.

8 Responses to How to access GMail with multiple POP clients

  1. Peter L. says:

    Thinks – this was a gmail deal breaker for me.
    Will give it a try.

  2. Justin says:

    Nice. Works like a charm.

  3. Someone says:

    Google seems to be lately deciding to go for sensationalism rather than functionality. With the recent release of IMAP, it’s amazing that they didn’t fix their POP access to work *right*. Recent mode sucks, pure and simple. If I wanted to download things I sent, I would’ve CC’d myself.

  4. Kishorfarm says:

    I have several POP3 mail accounts all of them dealing properly with multiple clients. No need of special tags in any case, just configure ‘keep message on server for x days’. The “recent:” gmail tag is no sense, it forces you to receive the messages you sent to other people.

    This, along with the crazy and compulsory conversation web mail mode made me drop gmail after a few days.

    • Miro says:

      Note that original post was from 2007. GMail today is quite different …

    • cpusrvc says:

      Interestingly enough, I have a customer using Outlook 2007 on 2 computers, and he cannot get his mail in both mail clients. Both are set to leave mail on server (permanently, option to delete mail after x days is disabled) so I am going to have him try the “recent” tag.

  5. Shtrudel says:

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  6. zoge says:

    Yeah but it starts to duplicate sent mail.

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