It’s all about numbers


Imagine if somebody got copyright on a number 32. You could not say any more on a Web page that you use 32 bit OS because you were not allowed to use the number.¬† You could not even write thirty two, or 0x20… Could not send a card for 32nd birthday. Sounds crazy, right ?

But exactly this is happening. Somebody is trying to claim exclusive ownership of one number and sending take-down letters, law threats to those you have it posted on their web sites or blogs.

This is so wrong. Nobody can restrict usage of a number. Any number. Numbers cannot be copyrighted. Not even primes. Not even a really big numbers. Not even the number, like 41425871524967055159433955941880327 * 320.

Numbers are above politics and corporate lawyers. Above DRM and patents.
Numbers are free speech. Maybe the last real free speech remaining¬† …

If the above does not really make any sense, maybe this and this will shed some light …