End of democracy – or how I turned into platform


Once upon a time, there was an application named Democracy Player. A really neat one, capable of downloading videos from internet and playing them in multiple formats. It even can download YouTube videos.

For some reason, the Democracy Player name was replaced with a new name. My name. The Democracy Player will be know as Miro. I have not discovered why this name was chosen, or if it means something. Maybe the guys responsible for it had similar thoughts as my parents over 40 years ago :-).

It is kind of strange feeling to share the name with piece of software. I am not alone – for example one very famous golfer shares the first name with an operating system. A very likely greatest golfer sharing name with very likely greatest operating system :-). But as we know, after Tiger comes Leopard – so the match will soon be over, unless Mr. Woods would consider a name change :-). I guess Leopard Woods does not sound anywhere as good as Tiger, but certainly better than Vista Woods ….

In all this, I am very thankful that the application I share my name with is a good and decent one. Free. Open Source. Runs on Windows and Linux and Mac. Can even play HD content (free one). I guess I could end up much worse …

So if you are interested in free, opensource, multi-platform video player, go and get Miro. The other one :-). I will do the same and I will maybe even join Miro mailing list and become Miro member :-).