Book mini-review: Breaking Windows

I’ve spent lot of time today reading. I am catching up with my reading stack. Between stuff I’ve finished was: Breaking Windows : How Bill Gates Fumbled the Future of Microsoft

The impression ? Mixed feelings. Maybe I’ve expected something different. Lot’s of details on internal politics and inner fights, not too flattering portrait of Bill G as control obsessed person with very questionable interpersonal skills. From technology perspective, very little what was both interesting and new. I can hardly tell how close to reality are the facts presented, but I often disagreed with the conclusion and analytics. Overall, it was probably worth the time spent on the book – the more you are into politics and relations, the more you may like it. If you are (as I was) expecting a view from more technology side and other stuff that matters, get another book.

Scary part was realization how every freaking email anybody ever wrote could be (and in fact, it indeed was) digged out and used to put its author into a fairly uncomfortable situation ! One should be very careful what one writes into an email, blog or even newsgroup … It does not matter that you later fix it, change it or even delete it. Google and other search engines will find it before, cache and store it for eternity …

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