Ordered a Macbook Pro

I have to confess, I did it :-). But no, I did NOT do it right away after Friday 6PM when Leopard became publically available. I managed to wait for whole 5 hours… partly because I was not sure whether the 6PM is local time or Cupertino time – and partly because the Apple store was stubbornly saying that my MBPro would ship with Tiger. At about 10:30 there was a “sticker” saying that all new Macs will be shipped with Leopard … and after that, you have to agree I had no choice ….

I have also purchased the Apple Developer’s Connection select subscription – aka ADC. It is sort of MSDN for OS-X platform, giving you access to interim release. It was cheaper than MSDN, but frankly – MSDN contains by order of magnitude more software therefore it is not a fair comparison. Some people I know would say it is not a fair comparison when it comes to quality of the software – but this is up to everyone to decide for himself. Unlike MSDN the ADC gives you discount for hardware purchase which in case of MacBook Pro paid for the ADC itself plus over $100 savings. The more you spend the more you save ….

I expect the Macbook Pro to arrive in 6-10 days. It is going to be my main mobile workstation, serving all Java and Ruby development needs directly – and (should there be any need) using either a remote desktop or running Windows in a virtual machine for .NET development. I have still not decided whether I will upgrade Parallels or buy VMWare Fusion. On one hand, Parallels did not impress me with their upgrade policy and reviews I have seen show that Fusion performs better – but my experience from using VMServer on Windows and running Linux inside showed pretty unimpressive user interface speed – much worse that VMWare player and close to unusable. I guess first hand experience is required to see how does Linux and Windows behave in VM under Leopard …

3 Responses to Ordered a Macbook Pro

  1. WTL says:

    The discount on hardware was something I forgot about. Maybe I’ll try that when I get my next box.

  2. PLH says:


    I just figured out why it takes 6-10 days…
    Just got my shipment notification on the iMac – its origin is Shanghai!

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