Create own ringtones for iPhone 3G

One of the many things that I never did before was actually customizing the phone. Neither of the songs that I really liked for ringtone (and were unique enough) were available of course. I found this website: that allows to take an MP3 (one that you legally own, of course) and convert it to ringtone.

Here is how it works:

1) Find a suitable MP3

2) Go to above website, upload MP3

3) In editor, select the start and end sequence of the melody – you can listen to it before you finalize

4) Press ‘Create Ringtone’ and download it

5) Import to iTunes

Could not be simpler than that.

Disclaimer: Uploading MP3 (or even creating them by ripping the CD’s) may be illegal in the country you live. I do not recommend or suggest you should do it – I am merely describing a technical process of data transformation and take absolutely no responsibility for any troubles or issues related to that you may get yourself into.


4 Responses to Create own ringtones for iPhone 3G

  1. jess says:

    Thanks for this. I followed this guide and now i have my favourite song as a ringtone

  2. Cris says:

    Can not do it, Itunes wouldn’t import the file. Also I have the new update on my iphone, 2.0.2.
    If someone knows how to work it around, please email me.

  3. Miro says:

    Tried just now, works perfectly. iPhone version should not have anything to do with it if iTunes does not import the file. My iTunes is 7.7.1 (11).

    Try download some existing ringtones from the site – if does not work, make sure nothing is modyfying files in transport. Also make sure you do not try to import the .MP3, it is .M4R that must be double-clicked or imported to iTunes.

  4. Sal says:

    why i can’t put more than one ringtone? i tried to put three all othem appear on the i tune put in iphone it showed three songs but all the three have the same song??!!!

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