How to kill iPhone battery in less than 2 hours

This may be a random event, but here is what happened:

1) Switch on camera and and take couple of pictures

2) While camera still on in taking pictures mode, switch off the phone (by the switch on top).

After doing that, about 1.5 hour later I took out the phone to check the emails. Phone was very warm – not the kind of unpleasantly hot you get from Macbook Pro battery when rendering movie on batery power , but still much warmer than ever. Camera was still on. The battery that was two hours ago fully charged was on less than 10%. Strange.

Anybody else had similar experience ?

Since that, of course I am careful to switch off the camera first. I think that time is almost ready for 2.1 firmware with the core apps updates, how about that Apple ?


3 Responses to How to kill iPhone battery in less than 2 hours

  1. 1div0 says:

    Infinite loop?

  2. battery says:

    Yes, on a recent trip I did the same thing. Although mine died in less than two hours. The battery was completely dead (as in, switching it on gave me the message that there as not enough battery power, basically). Good to hear someone else has seen this issue.

  3. aConsciousBeing says:

    I had the same problem with 3.x on an iphone 3GS; I was pretty sure it was in photo viewing mode when I pressed the top button… that was right before I boarded a plane for a 10 hour flight. I could not get the iphone to do anything and was resigned to having no music for the flight, but since it was getting fairly hot in my pocket and even a tiny probability of a lithium battery disaster would be bad, I tried to reboot it. After an hour or so after the lockup, I came upon a sequence of button press+holds that rebooted it.

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