Rogers, iPhone and the dreaded kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302

Many people recently (including myself) had experiences difficulties with Web access on the iPhone. Quite often the following error message pops up:

Usually repeating the web page access helps. Sometimes you have to try third time or wait few minutes.

This has nothing to do with signal strenght – as you can see, there are 4 bars and 3G is on. I saw it happen on Edge as well. Reseting the phone sometimes helps, but it is hard to say whether because of the reset or time delay ..

Most people think this is network problem with Rogers data network and I tend to agree. If it was an iPhone or Safari issue, it would not go away with retrying – I think.

It also happens in more than just Safari: the weather does not get updates, Mail fails fetching the last state and so on.

Here are some threads on the issue:

It would not be first time when Rogers would be using paying customers as beta testers of the service. Few years back when hispeed internet was introduced, I remember frequent outages and spending time with their (not so great) techsupport. Eventually, they must have learned how to do it or build up capacities because it went away.

Let’s hope the same happens with the 3G data network. And it better happens quickly, because this service sucks, dear Rogers …

If you are seeing the same issue, please open the ticket with both Rogers and Apple (to create some pressure).

8 Responses to Rogers, iPhone and the dreaded kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302

  1. Chris H says:

    I get the same error on O2’s 3G in the UK. I Googled it (which is how I came upon this post) and apparently it happens on Safari on the Mac as well so it may be to do with the way Safari deals with how the webserver responds to its request for a page (speed/time taken etc.) I have a strong 3G signal (3-5) bars and my iPhone loads pages very quickly when it does not get this error – I am posting this on my iPhone now.

  2. Michel B says:

    Hi Miro,
    I also get that error quite frequently, always on 3G, never on Wi-Fi…

  3. Chris says:

    Ever since installing the 2.0 firmware on my first-gen iPhone, I’m getting this error all the time on AT&T in the US. It’s bad enough that I dread having to actually use the Internet on my phone.

  4. mav3 says:

    I am getting this error when trying to connect via Wi-Fi.

  5. Miro says:

    That’s interesting. Can be a pure coincidence – different cause/different issue ending up in same error message. Or it can mean that it is Apple after all …

  6. iphoneinvestigation says:

    Hi there!

    If anyone is experiencing iPhone/service issues and wishes to investigate pursuing a claim against Apple/Rogers Canada they can contact me at the following address:

    please detail your date of ownership, OS, location and brief description of the problems you’ve had.

    thank you.

  7. Ju says:

    I am getting it now its driving me mental, ive had it before but ive refreshed and its gone, but now its happening constintly its not worked for past 30 minutes ive turned off phone and turned back on after 5 minutes and i keep retrying btu i can go on the internet, check mail or get whether updates – its driving me mental. I thought this issue was delt with but obviously not !! GRRR !

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