We are hiring

After everything-but-quiet summer, things got even busier and we need to add more great people to our teams.

At the moment we’re looking for

* Junior Java developers

* Intermediate Java developers

* Intermediate .Net developers

* Senior .Net developers

* Junior Graphics/UI/Multimedia Designer

Sorry – no teleworking, you must be local to apply. If you feel like fitting in – or know somebody in Ottawa that would fit, email Miro at thinknostic dot com …

2 Responses to We are hiring

  1. Kisor Chandra Biswal says:

    I hold a diploma in Information Technology and have been working for last 10 months in Java/J2EE and have a passion to scale new heights in programming.

  2. Miro says:

    If you live in Ottawa, Canada please send you resume to carreers at thinknostic dot com.

    Sorry – no teleworking.

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