Project Management – in a Nutshell

A wonderful gem I found here:

I remember telling a friend
that being a project manager
is a little like being a bouncer:
where there’s a problem *here*
and a door *there*
and it’s your job to get the problem out the door.

For some a gentle gesture will do
while others need a push
and still others need to be picked up by their pants and carried

In no case should you ever let someone get *further* from the door.
So that’s me.

By Merlin Mann 🙂

I dedicate this to all my friends and colleagues who face daily the Project Management challenges, specially to Peter, Julia, Mike and Milos.

2 Responses to Project Management – in a Nutshell

  1. Peter L says:


  2. PM Hut says:

    That’s actually interesting.

    Check this PMO Poem for another light Project Management humor.

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