Weird Rogers 3G network error – fixed ?


Just tried out to switch the iPhone to automatic Date and Time setting with 3G on. The time jumped from 11:31 to 11:30 (my iPhone was about 1 minute too fast) and STAYED THERE.

This could mean that the issue is finally fixed. Can anybody confirm that ?

Weird Rogers 3G network error


Since about Sunday, Dec 7th (I remember exactly because I noticed it when leaving the regular ByMUG meeting at Patty Bolands) my iPhone for no particular reason decided to translocate itself to GMT+1 time zone. It was not visible immediately, only emails received at 16:20 were shown as received 6 hour in the future.

All this without any changes or installing anything on my end …

The Clock application showed what was wrong (this snapshot was taken on Sunday, 16:02 Ottawa time):


I tried to change settings for Date and Time to manual and correct the problem, but any time I switched back to keeping time synchronized automatically it jumped back to wrong time.

I believe this is a Rogers problem as it happens only when 3G is on. With Edge, you can safely switch forth and back beween any impact on the correct time. It would look like the iPhone is getting wrong information from the 3G network about time or about timezone (despite the settings of timezone to Ottawa, Canada). I tried Toronto and Montreal for timezone settings – same results.

Currently there are two workarounds:

1) Use Edge and suffer the slow speed, partially compensated by better battery life
2) Use manual setting and take into account that without network synchronization time your phone can get out of sync byt as much as few minutes
per day.

There is also discussion thread on Apple site.

I suggest that everybody that experiences this calls Rogers and requests fix. I would also consider asking for refund of part of the data plan, because this problem basically does not allow to use the 3G service we are paying for.

Chances are slim for getting few bucks back but maybe it will help to elevate the severity of the problem in their Bugzilla (or whatever they use for issue tracking).

iPhone firmware 2.1 – first impressions


I was brave and updated right away last Friday, as soon as the update appeared, both the iTunes and the iPhone firmware. And so far, so good. Initial observations are quite positive – at least so far, from using it during last few days.

I never had any issues with the dropped calls, so I cannot report any improvement. What seems to work better is browsing: I get much less (if any) connection errors. It is hard to say whether it was the firmware, or Rogers fixed something – or the fixed firmware causes less issues to network – it looks like improvement.

What is definitely a huge improvement is sync time. Backup now does not take 5 minutes+, it is down (after initial one) to less than minute and whole sync with transfering new podcasts and application updates is done in 2-3 minutes max. The application update still takes about same amount time – at least it feels like it.

Overall, there are few nice little improvements, like this one in list of podcasts:

Note the detail info that indicates half-finished podcasts and shows how much of the audio is left:

Nice touch (pun intended) 😉

More on kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302


A friend made me aware of this (thanks, Peter):

The Inside Deets on iPhone 2.0.2 and Dropped Calls

Sounds like plausible explanation.

It is not the network that is fault but the interaction of the bad
power control algorithm in 2.0 and 2.0.1 software and the network that
is at fault. The sooner everybody is running 2.0.2 software the better
things will be. Having seen the graphs the 2.0.2 software has already
started to make difference.

The Things bliss


Finally – the new version of Things on iPhone can synchronize with Things on Mac desktop.

It actually works – no strings attached. Assumed that:

1) the WiFi on iPhone is on

2) iPhone and Mac are on same network (so that Bonjour magic can work)

3) the Mac Things is running when you start Things on iPhone

the synchronization happens automatically and is VERY fast (few seconds max).

Finally a portable GTD application that works for me :-).

PS: Things is very nice implementation of GTD. If you are not into GTD cult, do not bother – or try reading this, this and this first ….

iTunes AppStore update chaos


I just noticed strange thing: it is most likely unrelated, but it happened right after installing 2.0.2 firmware.

The count of updates for AppStore applications is pretty chaotic. You can see different number of updates when looking into different parts of iTunes. I have noticed this cycle repeating for 9 updates, then 8 and so on – here is how it looked when I got down to 3 un-updated apps after few rounds.

The overview window shows 2 updates:

This is supported with the bottom-right information in the iTunes window:

But after I click on the arrow, here is the screen with ONE update:

However – right after clicking on AppStore -> Application updates in the navigation bar:

I get suddenly 3 updates. And Stanza is NONE of them:

So I update all applications, and number of updates indeed disappears:

So does the text in bottom right corner:

And finaly, everything is OK.

So – what was so special about Stanza ?

How to make screenshot of running application on iPhone 3G


It is sooo simple:

1) Run the app you want to get screenshot of

2) Press the home button at the same time as On button. Screen will flash white for a sec

3) Find the picture saved in your photos.

This is second amazing thing I have found out about iPhone in last few days. First was hidden button on the headphone mike that can start/stop running iPod music, pick up the ringing phone or (doubleclick) advance to next song. Very useful while walking …