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The Fork at the end of this blog


This is the fork at the end of this blog. What I mean is that that this is the last post on this blog: https://thinkwrap.wordpress.com/

I am not going away from the blogosphere. Quite the opposite – after playing with Twitter, Facebook, Wave and other social fashionable tools, I think I have now better grasp on what is the place and meaning of a blog versus the microblog or social site. This blog is going to be split into two independent blogs, one completely mine and one shared with my friends and coworkers.

Yes, after the merger of Thinknostic and Pentura earlier this year, we (meaning ThinkWrap Solutions) have now integrated, corporate blog that is way more than a single guy’s opinion. I am one of the contributors, meaning that you will find posts by myself but also by Nael, Milos, Mike and few more great and talented guys we are happy to have as part of the company. And more will certainly come. Oh, the URL – see http://blog.thinkwrap.com/.

The second life of this blog continues on my very own URL, http://miroadamy.com/. For my own convenience, I have exported everything written here and imported it back. It is also WordPress, hosted by same service, all I have added is custom domain redirect – of a domain I am holding since 2003 and never had really good use for it. So now I have.
As the URL suggests, it will be personal blog, still very technically oriented, but occasionally going into areas of I have been avoiding until now – being one of the “unofficial” Thinknostic blogs.

Therefore – if you have bookmarked this site, please change the bookmarks to here or here. Or both :-).

And – as one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors would put it: So long and thanks for all the fish …

We are hiring


After everything-but-quiet summer, things got even busier and we need to add more great people to our teams.

At the moment we’re looking for

* Junior Java developers

* Intermediate Java developers

* Intermediate .Net developers

* Senior .Net developers

* Junior Graphics/UI/Multimedia Designer

Sorry – no teleworking, you must be local to apply. If you feel like fitting in – or know somebody in Ottawa that would fit, email Miro at thinknostic dot com …

Rogers, iPhone and the dreaded kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Error 302


Many people recently (including myself) had experiences difficulties with Web access on the iPhone. Quite often the following error message pops up:

Usually repeating the web page access helps. Sometimes you have to try third time or wait few minutes.

This has nothing to do with signal strenght – as you can see, there are 4 bars and 3G is on. I saw it happen on Edge as well. Reseting the phone sometimes helps, but it is hard to say whether because of the reset or time delay ..

Most people think this is network problem with Rogers data network and I tend to agree. If it was an iPhone or Safari issue, it would not go away with retrying – I think.

It also happens in more than just Safari: the weather does not get updates, Mail fails fetching the last state and so on.

Here are some threads on the issue:



It would not be first time when Rogers would be using paying customers as beta testers of the service. Few years back when hispeed internet was introduced, I remember frequent outages and spending time with their (not so great) techsupport. Eventually, they must have learned how to do it or build up capacities because it went away.

Let’s hope the same happens with the 3G data network. And it better happens quickly, because this service sucks, dear Rogers …

If you are seeing the same issue, please open the ticket with both Rogers and Apple (to create some pressure).

Linux vs Windows – great comparison


I have been “living in a command line” for last few weeks. Pretty refreshing experience. As result, I had to google a lot, especially when it comes to e.g. subtle differences between tar options on Ubuntu Linux and Open Solaris … While doing that, I somehow stumbled upon this great writeup on cultural differences between Linux and Windows. Nicely written, no flamewars – obviously pro-Linux, but no Microsoft or Windows bashing and lots of insight. Higly recommended.

I really liked the metaphor about Lego cars 🙂

Test of the WordPress and Smugshot applications for iPhone


Does it work ?

We’ll see – blogging from the train

All the above – including the picture was created and posted on iPhone, using the WordPress Application (thanks to Peter K. to make me aware of it). I have not used it much, but the first impressions are certainly positive: it works and allows to compose reasonable blog entry, including images on the go. As long as you are fast typist on the miniature keyboard – which I am not, so I will still prefer for longer text the great comfort of Macbook Pro keyboard (probably the best keyboard I have ever used so far). But it can be handy for short posts so I am going to keep it. Price – zero Alexes ((C) Macbreak weekly) == $0. Free. Not Libre, not opensource – thanks anyway …

If you want just to post images and have SmugMug account, there is another free app that I have been using quite a lot. Mostly because there is no way how I can use my 6GB allocated data transfer montly limit 😉

The application is named SmugShot and allows to take picture and upload it to dedicated gallery on SmugMug. I have been taking lots of pictures and posting them into my Smugshot Gallery – which is (unlike most of other pictures) publicly viewable. See for yourself – the images are nothing breathtaking, but if you have not seen SmugMug, look at it – IMHO it is very worth of the price.

Gmail is down – Sky is falling ….


This is what I get for last hour or so:

It is so frustrasting when something taken for granted suddenly disappears … and at the same time quite scary how dependent we became on it.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for GMails early return