Back again


After three amazing weeks, I am back again on-line – reading through emails and trying to sort out and process over 15 GB images. Shooting RAW has consequences :-).

Some of the see-worthy places and stories from the trip will start appearing here as the time permits to process my notes from the road. Stay tuned …

On vacation


In case you were wondering why the blog went silent – I am touring Europe (Switzerland and Italy). Will post some stories after return … and pictures on Smugmug – promise !

Greetings from Rome (just made it here tonight)

Sony eReader – charging problem fixed ?


With the latest software update (I am now on 1.0.3), one of the issues to be fixed was the “charging indicator behaviour”. Looks like it was indeed the software bug. After upgrade, the indicator jumped to full 4 bars and stayed there. Beforehand, I had usually only 3 bars regardless how long it was charged.

Time will tell – I am taking the reader with me to Italy to get some mileage out of it, during transatlantic flight …